The PIM Library is shaping the future of Learning and Research

The PIM Library being an academic library, contributes to the Institute’s aspirations in a number of ways, namely,

  • Providing high quality, learning spaces that meet the need for individual research and learning.
  • Developing, promoting and providing access to scholarly collections and resources across multiple sites, meeting individual and faculty needs.
  • Ensuring that collections are discoverable and accessible, regardless of format or location.
  • Partnering with faculty to ensure explicit development of information research and learning skills in the curriculum
  • Leading research data management across the Institute.
  • Managing resources in an efficient, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable manner in accordance with the Institute’s policies and procedures.
  • Promoting and providing information about the Library’s resources, programmes and activities.

Richness and Variety

The PIM Library is one of the most comprehensive management libraries in Sri Lanka, providing access to over 18000 volumes. It functions as the primary information source for the Institute’s students, professionals and faculty.  With a view to providing an ever improving service, the knowledge-base as well as the access and facilities of the library are continually enriched and expanded.

Location, Facilities and Operating Hours

The PIM Library is housed on the first floor of the PIM building. To provide convenient access for students and other authorized users, it functions from 0830h to 2000h on weekdays and from 0830h to 1800h on weekends and public holidays. Seating space for 60 students is available in the Library, ranging from individual study carrels to open study tables with Wi-fi facility.

Resources and Reference Collection

The general collection comprises 99% in English. The main part of the collection consists of approximately 15000 volumes, and they aim at postgraduate studies in different facets of  business and management. New acquisitions  are displayed for one month. There are around 20 periodical titles available at present. The current periodicals are kept on display till the next issues are received. Past issues are kept in pamphlet boxes for usage when requested. The reference collection comprise of more than 5000 volumes.

The following special collections are available only for reference purposes, and these include Annual reports of corporates, videos, PIM and Sri Lanka collections. The Ebscohost and  Emerald research databases provide online access to full text articles.

All the above mentioned collections are represented in the library catalogue, and it can be accessed through the PIM Learning Portal (Prajna). The catalogue may be searched in a variety of ways, viz.,  author-wise, title-wise and subject-wise. The system adopted in the PIM Library is a self-served operation, and hence, it is expected that all users will access the catalogue and search for requirements. The Library map is displayed at the entrance for users to get quick access to specific collections. In order to locate a book in the library, readers must follow the Dewy Decimal Classification system.  Shelf arrangement is designed especially to avoid air congestion, and provide convenience for users when searching for books.

PIM Library – The Heart of the Institute

The PIM library, therefore,  continues to fulfill its role as the heart of the Institute, and its efficient functioning contributes directly to the PIM’s mission by equipping students with the skills and knowledge they need to achieve their academic objective, and ultimately to maximize their adaptability, employability as well as their contribution to the society.