The PIM Logo

1. Description of the PIM logo

The emblem of the Postgraduate Institute of Management takes the form of a circle with three concentric circles placed close together on the periphery, all on a background of yellow. At the centre of this circle is a smaller concentric circle enclosing a full blossomed lotus, nelumbo nucifera/ nelumbium, in abstract form, and consisting of two tiers of petal one underneath the other. At the centre of the circle stylized stamens enclosed in two concentric circles surround the receptacle. Between the outer set of concentric circles and the central lotus is a wide circular band carrying the motto of the university on the upper half of the band, while the name of the university appears in the lower half, both written in Sinhala characters. The Motto, taken from an ancient Buddhist text, reads:

‘Vijja uppattam settha’
‘Birth (creation) of knowledge is the greatest’

2. The importance of the PIM logo for the Institute:

The PIM logo is a combination of text and visual imagery that mainly serves the following purposes:
i. The PIM logo tells the name of the Institute, mainly by way of its acronym.
ii. The PIM logo creates a visual symbol that justifies the principal objective of the Institute.
iii. The PIM logo gives the much needed professional look that invites those interested to build relationships with the Institute.
iv. The PIM logo is the most powerful and visible symbol of the Institute’s brand.
v. The PIM logo is a concise yet effective indication of the Institute.
vi. The PIM logo connotes individuality and the uniqueness that are necessary to avoid confusion among its stakeholders.

3. The need to use it consistently

It is, therefore, paramount that there should be no variations or modifications of the PIM logo. Any variation from the accepted – approved – documented logo will result in breach of trust reposed in the Institute. Under normal circumstances the PIM logo might appear in different situations such as covers of PIM publications, screens, business cards, letterheads, pull up banners, vehicles, packaging, signages and newspaper advertisements to name a few.

4. Colour adoption

As the specimen indicates specific colours are used for the PIM logo.
The two main colours used in the PIM logo are represented by yellow and magenta. In fact, these colours are used as solid colours and not as gradients. In the pantone colour chart these two colours are represented by:

  • Pantone 109 (represents yellow)
  • Pantone 185 (represents magenta)

5. The text part of the logo

One of the most important requirements is to make the text of the logo clear and easy to read at a distance.

6. The Dimensions (Logo size)

The PIM logo is drawn within a vertical rectangle the ration of which is 1 : 1.52., i.e., if the width is ‘1’ the height should be ‘1.52’. In the event of any enlarged version of the logo that enlargement should conform to the 1 : 1.52 ratio. Hence, irrespective of the size of the logo it is incumbent that the designer should conform to this ratio.

Download high resolution PIM Logo (2049 x 3115)